Slavery Between Chattel Africa And New World Essay

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Slavery between chattel Africa and New World Africa both were strong manners of oppression that were used to be a tool of fear and oppression. New World slavery often described with ostracizing the victim, is not usually thought of as a way to oppress someone especially in Modern Day Western Civilization. A contrived conception of African slavery by white oppressors often comes with the almost blaming of the African peoples who were in fact enslaved. Oppressors claiming that New World slavery was not as bad compared to chattel and that chattel slavery is savage compared to their own. Although this might be different than the physical brutality that is often thought of when using the term slavery, this connotation is what would be called chattel slavery. Although being raised in different cultures may enact different responses to answer the question of whether or not these two hold the same merit, this can be discussed and will be later in this paper. Chattel slavery I believe is significantly different than the New World version of slavery, even though both can be seen as forms of oppression depending on which context you view the situation in. New World Slavery often consisted of taking away an individual “wrenching sometimes violently” (Miers and Kopytoff, “Slavery in Africa,” p. 265). Whether or not the victim wanted to be or not, often under means of force this created possibly a mental deterioration of one 's self. Separating them from society they were once welcomed…

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