Slavery And The United States Essay

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It 's hard to believe that there was a time in American history where certain human beings had few rights because of their color or gender. These individuals were considered possessions, mistreated and abused in the most horrific ways. No rights, no humanity and pushed to the brink. Cornered into a position where concern for laws and a future no longer seem to matter. All was hopeless, no where to turn and completely powerless to make a choice or consider options.
By the mid-1800 's, slavery in the northern states was gaining ground on freedom. The south on the other hand was growing rapidly in many ways due to agricultural trading and settlers moving into territories of the southwest. The new markets and trading added to the existing wealth of this region. However, slavery was still a huge part of the southern states. “Southern states depended significantly on slaves, they believed having slaves was the traditional way of life and determined who they were as people. “slavery shaped the life of all americans, whites as well as blacks. It helped determine where they lived, how they worked and under what condition they could exercise their freedom of speech, assembly and the press.” (Foner 396) They were primarily used for plantation work; each given their designated task by their master. To further note, slaves were not just used for field work, helping out with crops, and around the yard, white men would also purchase female slaves to be a "wife figure".…

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