Slavery And The United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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Slavery in India
Slavery is illegal in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights according to Article 4, which states, “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” Slavery is the practice of, or a system based on, using the enforced labor of other people. People now live in perpetual slavery than at any time in human history. India violates Article 4 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, by enslaving other civilians. India is known for having over fourteen million slaves, including children. India is going through debt bondage and bonded labor. They are using slaves to mend to the needs of their country. Harsh conditions surround these slaves; allowing for minimal food rations and no leave periods. Slavery in India is described as forced labor, forced prostitution, organ trafficking and other forms of abuse that are crimes against humanity. These crimes are not just against the law, as some children are forced to become soldiers at an early age. Some citizens are considered indentured workers; meanwhile others are forced into contract marriages.
There are over 842 million slaves in the world who are starving. India owns 25% of this 842 million slaves. Slaves are known as “disposable people” in India because no one cares if a slave were to be killed. One of the major violations in India is the sex slave trade. Did you know that a woman is being raped in India every 20 minutes? The…

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