Slavery And The Transatlantic Slave Trade Essay

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Slavery has existed in various forms since the beginning of time. Although there is no written record for when it began, slavery has appeared in texts ' as old as the bible. Two thousand years of turning human beings into profit. Perhaps the most notorious form of slavery, at least in the prospective of modern day Americans, is the transatlantic slave trade. Slavery was legal in the "land of the free" just 150 years ago and the ramifications of that have been evident since the abolishment of slavery in 1865. The practice of buying and selling human beings has deep roots in the very beginnings of America and cruelty of that practice remains the topic of many historical articles, books, and debates. Recently, historian David Richardson said that the process of the transatlantic slave trade was “relentless dehumanization, whereby Africans were stripped of kinship ties, dignity, and a sense of self-worth.” I have to agree with this description. Research has shown the immense cruelty of the transatlantic slave trade in the number of fatalities and the basic concepts of the practice. Families were destroyed, lives were forever changed and the pride of a people was broken. In Stephanie E. Smallwood 's book "Salt Water Slavery: A Middle Passage From Africa to American Diaspora" the transatlantic slave trade is discussed in terms related to business and economic growth. The author really focuses on the data of the slave trade, presenting the readers with the stark facts of the…

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