Slavery And The Slave Trade Essay

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The significance of slavery and the slave trade in the 19th century was an economic engine driving colonial America. The Atlantic slave convey and their labors touched all corners of the world. Its complex existence greatly impacted social views, politics and many industries in colonial America, these effects would transcend that era. Frankly, its shadowy existence is still part of America today. This controversial part of America’s history is often unspoken, misunderstand, overlooked or flat ignored at this day and time. Socially the ramifications of these deplorable practices still hinder African Americans in various ways from the destruction of families, annihilation of cultures (forced to take slave masters’ names, language and religion) and self-hate which is a reflection from Machiavellianism infused propaganda tools used to mentally break enslaved Africans.
Societies throughout history have risen in power on the backs of newly enslaved people, slavery can be chronology as far back as Babylonian times. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade globalized Europe’s commerce, enterprising 400 years of captured Africans for goods. Multiple factors contributed to the abolishment of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, however institutions of illegal human trafficking continues this present day. It is estimated that the world’s population of slaves exceeds 30 million. Currently within the United States modern-day slavery still exist within its borders, its alarming that hundreds of…

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