Slavery And The Slave Population Essay

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Throughout much of history, southerners and historians saw slaves as people who were dumb, incompetent, and extremely content with their way of life. They, the southerners and historians, believed the slaves resided in good conditions and the workload held a sufficient standard. But, slaves became unrestful and lashed out against the plantation owners and the southern society. These actions showed people how slaves did not approve of the way of life, nor did they appreciate the living conditions. After slaves began to revolt, the southern societies began to pass stricter laws and limits on the slave population with the notion it would put more control over the rebelling population. Herbert Aptheker explained that the slave population compared to the white population remained unproportioned, creating immense tension, the southern economy constantly dealt with instability, and outside influences, such as war and other foreign rebellions, caused American slaves to attempt to gain freedom. In the southern portions of the United States, between the times of 1720-1780, white citizens lived in constant fear of a slave rebellion. Whenever warfare broke out, or social tensions increased, the slaves would attempt an insurrection. These attempts abruptly ceased before the slaves could do enough damage, but in some cases, the slaves would murder whites or steal guns and other weapons. If the slaves did not have the resources to rebel, they would assist the Indians with their raids on…

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