Slavery And The Free Market Essay

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Now the reason why the slave trade flourished so well in the West Indies and in America was because of Capitalism. The most essential aspect of Capitalism is the free market. The free market is essentially run by supply and demand. So because the demand of slaves was growing, the supply had to increase to meet this demand. Owners of slaves did what they wanted with the slaves, as they were essentially property. This was the main reason why slavery flourished in those areas. Now in Nigeria, he viewed slaves as just an extension of the family. That the slaves were given to one based on his status with the village. That even slaves had slaves under them. He viewed this as just and he didn’t even denounce this type of slavery in his autobiography. One thing is for certain, and that is that there has always been slavery. One of the most interesting aspects of his story is the difference of his views of slavery under Black Africans and White Europeans. He was kidnaped by Black Africans and forced to be there slave, he was absolutely disgusted by them and viewed them as low-class. He viewed their women as not modest and the men as low creatures. These Africans eventually sold him to White Europeans. He was absolutely afraid of White people and thought that they were ghosts and were going to eat him. However, he quickly got over the fear and began to understand them and their culture. He eventually adopted their way of life and flourished in it as well. That was an important…

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