Slavery And The American Civil War Essay

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Many in the North didn 't know the true aspects of slavery and the effect it had on black African Americans. Their thoughts would probably be that it was just only a working system. They didn 't necessarily know of the actual cruelty portrayed by the slave’s masters. According to the textbook, “Give Me Liberty” by Eric Foner, “Millions of northerners who had not been abolitionists become convinced that preserving the union as an embodiment of liberty required the destruction of slavery.” Northerners were beginning to know the truth of what the south really was and had one-hundred percent thought’s against slavery. The importance of this expresses that slavery was hidden from its own nation and lived a lie to society. Though others knew it existed the depth of it was too much to handle and would create an uprising of those who disapproved.
Even if an uprising occurred that’s exactly what was need in order to bring the confederacy and the union as one. This uprising would lead to the first modern war, The American Civil War. This war happened to be in the time of the Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution was the age of evolution. Things began to evolve such as the way of transportation and the way of communication long distance. For the war in this case, it evolved the way that soldiers fought their battles and the weapons and resources used to help win the war. New inventions during the industrialization period were mini balls (type of bullet for musket), dog tags…

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