Slavery And The African American History Essay

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Religion has been important part of history for thousands of years. People like to think that there is more to life than just life and death, and that they can have a relationship with something bigger than just what is on Earth. Slavery is a horrid stain on the human conscience, stemming from racism and ignorance. They were punished and treated like dogs. Not even given the basic human rights because they were not considered equal. The introduction of Christianity was one of the most important occurrences to the African American race. This effort was led by American missionaries, which stemmed from the preaching of George Whitfield and the Great Awakening, who called for the conversion of slaves to Christ. The slaves either turned toward religion or away. From the African rituals, to Christian conversions in America we can learn from the strength of faith from the slaves.
The religious practices the slaves had brought form Africa were not that far off from Christianity and Jew practices; as told by the slave, Olaudah Equiano. They believed in one Creator who lived in the sun and that never needed to eat or drink, much like Christianity. They did, however, place human desires onto him, like smoking. Like the Jews, the slaves practiced circumcision, but this has been practiced by even non-religious people due to cleanliness. Offerings were also a common practice. They had never been introduced to vulgar language and so that was not a problem when the conversion effort…

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