Slavery And Human Trafficking

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Today’s version of slavery goes by a few different names: human trafficking and undocumented immigration. When the word slavery is mentioned, people think of the past, and how people were forced into labor with no freedom or rights. Human trafficking is today’s version of slavery through countless violations of human rights: sex trafficking, bonded labor, and organ trafficking. The multi-billion-dollar industry, human trafficking, comes mainly from central and northern Africa and spreads through Asia, never slowing down. From the beginning of sex slavery into the continuation of human trafficking, from all different ages, genders, and ethnicities, it hurts and destroys, spreading nothing but pain and pure evil. Slavery still exists today, …show more content…
The Portuguese were the amongst the first white race to step foot in Africa. The rest of Europe followed shortly after, realizing how significant economic growth was evolving from the new worlds and new colonies. Although, the slavery in Africa was happening long before Europeans arrived, it did not have a global until they created the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. “ Slaves that were weak or useless, were put to death”, without caring, owners easily replaced those that were killed. The slave trade left a disturbing impact on Africans in Africa. It destroyed colonies and families, removing them forcefully. Children were separated from their parents and men were bought based upon their physical appearance. Plantations, in the New World, were made up of men and boys from Africa, forced to work. Working on the plantations was horrible and “the master’ ideas of the way slaves should behave never could…be imposed…no matter how hideously repressive the system”. It ripped Africa apart, and made the people living on the continent, not humans, rather resources. The millions of Africans being enslaved, killed, or mistreated were seen as objects, a chance for power and more money. With Africans being taken from their homes and their colonies being destroyed, extreme poverty was created. Europe exploited the lands of Africa and the resources it contained. They placed Africa in the state it is in today and it provided an easy transition into what we call today as Human

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