Slavery : A Narrative Of His Life Essay

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During the 1800’s, the world was corrupted by many things that made life in the North and South hard to bare. Slavery was one of those unbearable things that went on. Although, slavery was mainly worse for African-Americans, but others were also treated like slaves just without being labeled as slaves. Slavery was a lot worse for African-Americans that lived in the South than those that lived in the North. Slavery in the North also never really reached the severity of the South’s slavery. In the South, it was not unusual for a well suited white man to own several slaves at one time. Most of the southern slaves were either born into slavery, or sold off into it. One of the southern slaves was brave enough after running away to gain freedom told his story. Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, or formally known as Frederick Douglass, was one of the African-Americans that endured “Southern Slavery.” Douglass explained in a narrative of his life, the hardships, the beatings, the betrayal, and the degrading things he went through as well as his brethren. After reading his novel, someone would realize that Douglass intended that his reader gain some since of knowledge about slavery, understand the distinction between education and freedom, and distinguish his view of religion and slavery as an institution. Frederick Douglass intended the world to see “Slavery” for what it really was. Slavery was the inhumane acts of one particular race of people for no apparent reason but wealth…

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