Essay about Slavery : A Common Way Of Life For Many

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Pro slavery:

Until the middle of the 18th century, slavery was a common way of life for many. However, across Europe through the last part of the 18th century there were intellectual antislavery arguments based on moral arguments which questioned the acceptance of slavery. It was all fine until the Revolutionary War that slavery became such an issue in North America. In the northern part of the future United States, slavery was becoming less and less of a thing after the Revolutionary War. Though it may have been less than the southern states, the emancipation process for New York and Pennsylvania were slower since they were larger states. By 1810, many of the slaves in the North had been freed.

In the United States, the idea of antislavery soon created a heated debate. Many people had the idea that slavery was more socially and economically incompetent and that it could cause harm to the United States. This idea was more common than the idea that slavery was an immoral way to treat another human. It wasn 't until the 19th century when landowners switched to less labor intensive crops and allowed more slaves to be emancipated. In the South, cotton suddenly became a booming need which increased the number of slaves needed. This only made things worse as all eyes were on the South.

Westward expansion:

The expansion of slavery into the Western territories caused some controversial issues during the 19th century.Since the drafting of the Constitution, the northern states…

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