Slave Town Short Story

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Slave Town

IT was Umadgaon, a village, dawned with cock-a doodle-doo, lasted till hordes of ryot retraced their 's steps to thatch, which to be shadowy and undersized. Pair of mouse was grating, lurching on crushed sugarcane about bunch of that laying out prostrate braidly along the foil instituted plumbly butterssing sturdly. It footholed basis of thatch. Umadgaon situated foothill, it had besetted village from all round. It had less than two thousand population. They had to be relied on jungle only being their subsistence.

Penurios folk had been quarry, was visioning, one day their angel would come and affranchise 'em, however; it had never happened to, if it had occured, their existence would have been fairly other or another.
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shut off ye mouth. Abhi kaha ande se bahar aaya hai aur udane baat kartha hai." D.K. bellowed repellently dabbing skull.

"Maaf karo bhai, apologise. Arrange due consignment as my earliest oppertunity." He pleaded and assured Josef bhai.

Fastidious Josef bhai smoking cigar just scowled, "Hmmmm."

When the last words fall out, Josef cleared out of egress.That all parlance was harkened, a girl did, only to be witness, and was sole cheeky.
Her brother dutied as police; succumbed to yoke, political exerting pressure preluded him any strict action which proved to be harmful, if had done so, allies would have burnt his home down for he was helpless, unable to protect citizens which might be possible if there would be concordance among villagers; but they had shattered and got bogged down in cruel thaldrom.

Everyone was praying to God to untie from barbarity who could only help 'em but their all hope had lost even of that. D.K. through muscle and money power had been invariably killed the brave men who tried. Having damsels wasn 't left hand matter since D.K day by day inflicting extortionate interest rate, became dafaulter to effect that, his daughter or sister would be pitilessly, without to be punishing defaulter, auctioning overtly. By this way, D.K. was running his

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