Slave Narratives : A Folk History Of Slavery Essay

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Slave Narratives

While most slaves were born into slavery rather than being imported from another country, they still, for the most part, got the same treatment. Throughout elementary school, children are taught that slaves were these immigrants that were brought to the United States to work for property owners and plantation owners. Unfortunately, it was much more than just that. They were brought here to do the dirty work as white men sat and watched them. The women were treated no better, as they had to also work in the fields or do the hard work of keeping the house clean and tidy. Upon their arrival, the women were often sexually assaulted and made a mistress if the master was attracted to her. If the slaves had children, the boys would inherit the working habits and the girls would pick up after their mother. Pulled excerpts from “Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves Vol. IX” depict the living conditions, life, heartache, sadness and happiness that many of the slaves encountered. Consequently, a good portion of the slaves had a decent life. The slaves were able to form a good relationship with their respectful owners. Despite their being of the African descent, the masters treated them with a descent amount of respect and not as a completely different human species. The slave owners worked them hard and the families were still torn apart, but it did not stop slaves from making the best of it. James…

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