Essay on Slave Narrative Comparison (Douglass and Morrison)

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Alysha McFall
Humanities I
Paper Due: Feb. 18
Douglass/ Beloved

Slave narratives are published diaries of the different experiences slaves undergo while enslaved. They can be written in many different styles and from extremely different points of view. Although they are all slaves, they all have different experiences on their plantations either better or worse. The Narrative of Fredrick Douglass: an American Slave was written by Fredrick Douglass in a chronological style. He went from childhood to present and basically told a story about his life. Beloved by Toni Morrison, is a factual novel that tells the story of a slave by using flashbacks, or re-memories, because the main character is not a slave in the present
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Because of the form of punishment demonstrated by their masters, many slaves are scared to death due to the fact that many masters so not really care about them. Discipline and Punishment was one of the most substantial themes throughout Douglass’s narrative. Mr. Gore killed a slave because he went in the lake to cool down after just being beaten, but when Mr. Gore gave him to the count of three to get out, the slave did not even budge, so he killed him. After doing so, he never received any punishment for this ultimate crime of murder. Another excruciating incident that went without any punishment was when Captain Lloyd whipped Douglass’s Aunt Hester, while hanging naked in the kitchen because he had found her out with Ned. He did not have a valid reason for whipping her, nor was the way he whipped her at all necessary. In this novel, Douglass gives many examples of how the masters were never punished. They began to notice that other masters would do horrible things to their slaves without any consequences, so they stopped caring and did as they pleased.
The variety of mentalities among slave owners was a problem because a slave never what to expect when sold to someone or if their master dies. Instead of being freed when their masters die, they are just handed off to a new owner. In Beloved, her

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