Slaughterhouse Five: The Horrors And Afflictions Of War

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The horrors and afflictions of war are personal and impossible to show through a single person. War is very… damaging both mentally and physically. Your enemy changes based on what side you are on. The horrors and afflictions of war are personal and impossible to show through a single person. Kurt Vonnegut uses the psychological lens in Slaughterhouse Five as a tool to show the horrors of multiple soldiers pain in the war and is converted into Billy to create a deeper and easier understanding of PTSD and horrors of war.
Billy is the main character, a veteran of World War II and a man shriveled into a paranoid child. When he joined the army, he was a joke to both the other side and his own during the war: scrawny, small, and weak. Most men fighting the war weren’t actually men, they were young men thrown into a war started by old men. Through this light Vonnegut shows how he viewed the war, “a German measured Billy’s upper arm with his thumb and forefinger, asked a companion what sort of army would send a weakling like that to the front. They looked at the other American bodies now,
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Metaphors such as the mustard gas and roses. Billy uses Tralfamadore to explain how soldiers would try to escape from reality, it is a fictitious planet that takes Billy. Tralfamadore is Billy’s new reality. Like many soldiers trying to find some outlet to escape the horrors of actual life, Billy is unable to ever leave his nightmares of real life because he is always thrown back into reality. Dresden is the city where Billy is taken captive in World War II. When Billy and the rest of the troops enter into the city, they are overwhelmed by the purity and beauty it offers to them. Dresden is like the young boys that are in war, innocent and pure. The city is destroyed in a bombing, just like the troops after the bombing and after the war they are never the

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