Essay about Slaughterhouse Five By Kurt Vonnegut

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The bombing of Dresden was one of the most fatal and controversial bombings during WWII. Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five is a science fiction novel that revolves around his experience at Dresden. Vonnegut’s novel is a valuable read that is worthy of implementation into the junior American Literature curriculum. The historical aspect that comes from Vonnegut’s anecdotal novel regarding not only Dresden and World War II, but also the views during the 1960s, when the novel was published, is beneficial for any junior. In addition, the various thematic elements throughout the book are powerful and very valuable to a young reader. Slaughterhouse-Five also has stylistic and literary elements that are perfect for an in class discussion and analysis of their purpose and meaning. Learning about the history of one’s country is extremely important, especially for newer generations, such as the juniors in an American Literature class. Due to the fact that America was involved in the bombing of Dresden and in World War II in general, Slaughterhouse-Five is relevant in such a course. Vonnegut writes his book surrounding the war and implements his own experiences as a prisoner during the firestorm that ravaged through the streets, causing countless casualties. Vonnegut, being a lucky survivor, is able to reflect decades later about the atrocity of this incident (Morse 22). Dresden was a much unknown event and “Not many Americans knew how much worse it had been than Hiroshima, for…

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