Skyfall Movie Analysis

In the review of “Skyfall”, Roger Ebert talks about the innovation that starts right from the first scene which is a typical 007 style. He later compares the old 007 movie style with this one and how in this movie we don’t see Bond operating any automatic devices, instead he is actually running and going manually. He is performing some real life stunts like running on the train and crushing the VW beetles. Though this is an expected stunt in bond’s movie but this is a total different style for a bond movie. Roger is trying to compare the old story and plot of 007 movies with “Skyfall”. For the movie “Mad max”, Roger Ebert talked about setting of the movie and compared it with the past versions. According to Roger, the new version is not about am action hero but a hero who is living on memories from the past. He also criticizes the making of the movie for example, frames are accelerated and …show more content…
The movie is not like old time superhero type with certain villain activity and drama with stunts. It is more linked to modern time issue like terrorism and class warfare. Starting as slow plot, it reaches a sensational climax. He criticizes that the movie did not really show the expected batman as before.
Is there any discussion of the political message in any of these reviews?
I found the political element in the movie, “The Dark Knight rises”. It talks about terrorism and class warfare, as a main theme of the movie. Roger tells that the Batman, in this movie would fight against terrorism rather than past action super hero fancy type movies.
Is there a commonality (or an over ranching theme) to these reviews?
I found the commonality as Roger Ebert discusses the relationship between the movies wit their older versions. He is trying to measure or judge the movie with the past version of them which are many decades old. He is trying to judge everything keeping the old one as a

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