Sky Tv Annual Report 2012 Essay

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Annual Report June 2012

June 2012 Annual Report

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Revenue for SKY Business increased 6.7% to $41.4 million. The Rugby World Cup has played a part in this improved performance. Operating costs increased by 6.8% to $641.2 million. Over the year, in addition to business-as-usual operations, SKY has invested in broadcast infrastructure to support the Rugby World Cup production and new channel SoHo. There was also an increase of 7.3% of depreciation costs that can be directly attributed to the greater number of decoders we have installed throughout New Zealand. Total depreciation costs were $134.1 million. More households than ever before now subscribe to SKY. Our depth of product means there are many different reasons for doing so. I want to make special mention of SoHo which launched in November 2011 offering quality drama and featuring HBO series from the USA. This channel has exceeded our expectations, confirming New Zealanders’ desire for this style of programming. In addition to SoHo, we also launched MTV Hits and France 24 Français in the year to 30 June 2012. During the past financial year, SKY formed a joint venture with TVNZ to launch IGLOO, a pay-as-you-go television service with 11 pay channels, and pay-per-view sport, movies and television series. IGLOO is set to launch early in the 2012/2013 financial year. The technology is a first in New Zealand and we expect it will appeal to a group of

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