Skittles Ad Analysis

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Skittles is known for its different colored candies, silly ads, and commercials. One particular skittles ad found in Parents magazine, is a silly attention grabber that makes the reader want to eat the candy. With its cartoon characterized picture of an old grumpy man turning into a silly, funny guy makes the reader laugh and want to taste the candy. By eating the candy the reader will be able to taste the happiness that the ad is trying to create. This ad effectively persuades the audience to eat skittles because it will flip their world upside down and make the reader happy.
The original skittles slogan is “Taste the Rainbow”. In the ad featured in Parents Magazine, the slogan is “ Flip the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow”. The ad features a grumpy old man with a mad and depressed look on his face. But when he gets a taste of the skittles the reader flips the magazine to discover a happy, silly guy with his tongue sticking out eating skittles. So the concept is when the mad grumpy man gets a taste of the rainbow not only does his whole personality change but his face does too. The first thing the reader sees is a grumpy old man with dark brown hair and a crazy mustache. He has a huge frown on his face. He is wearing a purple turtleneck sweater and has a huge nose. His frown lines are very
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The ad itself is trying to make you as happy as you will be by eating skittle products. The emotions that are evoked by this ad is happy, humorous emotions. The ad uses cartoon characters and tons of colors to set the happy and silly mood. The point of the colors is to draw attention to the ad so it stands out. The whole idea is to get the reader to think that if they are to eat the skittles they wouldn’t be a grumpy, sad or mad person anymore, they will taste the rainbow and turn into a silly, happy person. I mean, who doesn’t want to be

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