Skipping Breakfast Research Paper

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The research project topic that I chose to look into is the effects of skipping breakfast on weight gain or loss and energy. This topic has been well researched by other authors multiple times; however the interesting factor about their results is that they seem to differ. Google portrays these various arrays of results. Some websites say it is necessary to eat breakfast in order to have the adequate energy and others say it is not. Fitness websites say breakfast is necessary in order to have energy to burn fat, some other websites say that skipping breakfast is actually a good way to lose weight. Personally, I am into the fitness industry and I have done research before this proposal. I have found that being in a calorie deficit is the way …show more content…
This article’s goal was to study the cross-sectional trends in breakfast consumption and nutritional quality between two nationally representative samples of schoolchildren in 2000 and 2006. Although this study’s goal does not directly affect my topic, one of their findings does. O’dea and Wagstaff explain that the breakfast promotion activity actually increased school attendance and academic performance. By providing breakfast in school, breakfast skipping was reduced. In the discussion section of this study, it is mentioned that breakfast skipping promotes obesity; therefore by running this research, O’dea and Wagstaff helped prevent long term obesity in children in …show more content…
This article emphasized more on adolescents. The researchers used 16 adolescents to study the impact of having a protein rich breakfast vs. a normal breakfast. This study was measured in many different ways. They accounted for hormonal changes by taking blood samples, and they showed that breakfast consumption actually decreases ghrelin, which is the hormone that simulates appetite. In their findings, the fact that impacts my topic the most is that the researchers found a positive relationship between breakfast consumption and energy intake. Furthermore, they found a negative relationship with a high protein breakfast and appetite. Decreasing appetite leads to eating less which essentially leads to weight

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