Essay on Skills of a Event Organizer

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Skills required as an event organiser
Beings an event organiser requires many skills; I am going to describe what skills they use and how they use them.
Firstly a very important skill for an event organiser to have is time management. Time management is useful skill to have, as it means the subject will be able to organise there time so that that are able to do everything they have to do. Being a event organiser means that you will have to be able to manage your time effectively, as you will have lots of things to sort out.
Problem solving is also a very important skill for an event organiser to have. Event organisers encounter problems day to day, it being anything small or big from not being able to find the right colour or the
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An event organiser has the responsibility of “planning” a certain event for a client such as a party or a wedding, therefore they have to go through and carefully plan every small step.
An event organiser should be able to monitor what is going on with their plans. This means that they should be keeping an eye on what going on. They need to keep tabs on things such as venue booking dates, flowers, caterers, number of guests.
I also think that event organisers should have leadership skills as they will have to take control of the event, and will be responsible for what happens they need to be able to speak up to clients and other business they may be involved. In addition to this I believe that they will need trust worthy, as they will be in charge of the client’s money and the client needs to know that they can trust the event organiser to make decisions.
Being punctual means arriving on time this is very important as an event organiser will have to attend meetings and will need to make a good impression.
The role of an event organiser
An event organiser has the responsibility of organising an even for a client. They are responsible for organising the whole of the event, including venue, catering, colours, invitations, entertaining ect.
The event organiser must choose and book a venue, they must make sure that they explore every possible venue and they must stick within the client’s budget. Then they need to reserve the venue

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