Essay about Skills in Negotiation and Counselling

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Counselling is considered a learning process, especially for the client. An effective counsellor displays affirmation and nurturing behaviours whilst less effective counsellors use the ‘watch and manage’, ‘belittle and blame’ and ‘ignore and neglect’ behaviours (Najavits & Strupp, 1994).
The role play that was undertaken was Michael the VCE student, whereby Karen Tran is the observer, Christian Brett is the Client and Sarah Boubis is the counsellor.
A counselling session was undertaken where the client Michael a student in his final year of VCE is struggling to make an important decision for his future. Michael is a high achiever and his parents have supported him immensely in his studies and strongly encourage him
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In reference to the session the Counsellor was competent ascertaining the following:
Trust: creating a trusting Relationship – Example: “Michael just so you are aware, everything said in this session is strictly confidential.”
Respect: treating a person as someone to be valued- Example: “From what I gather I know that you are a very intelligent individual Michael and it is a good thing that you like what you are studying.”
Empathy: fully understanding and sharing another person’s feelings- Example: “I can understand your point of view and where you are coming from.”
Acceptance: accepting who they are and what they feel –Example: “Yes, I see you are very confident in achieving high, let’s now explore this option of compromise by taking a year off to travel.”
Safety: creating an environment to enable free talk- Example: “Take a seat Michael, I assure you this is a comfortable space for you to be able to share your problems with me.”
Unconditional: being non-judgmental- Example: “Michael I can see why it would be frustrating to have your parents give you so much pressure about achieving high grades. Parents have a lot of life experience and want what is best for their children. I understand why you would be upset.”
Real: being yourself- Example: “I can see that you are going through a difficult

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