Life Skills Research Paper

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Life Skills Essay

We are born into this world helpless, with hardly any skills other than crying. While I have picked up many skills over the years, there are many that I still haven’t quite gotten. There are also many skills that I have not even started learning! I believe goals are important, and before today I never thought about my goals in relation to life skills that I would like to learn. So that brings me to the question, what life skills would I like to learn? The most important skills to me are the ones that I think would apply to and benefit everyone. So I’ve decided to focus on skills that will help individuals with themselves. Don’t get me wrong though, I still want to learn how to cook! I am looking forward to developing skills in relaxation, time management, and making boundaries.
Relaxation is the life skill that I am the farthest away from achieving. Some nights I cannot sleep, simply because I cannot relax. Relaxation is also the life skill that I desire most. The definition of relaxation is “the state of being free from tension and anxiety.” If I could master the skill of relaxation I would handle stressful situations better, enjoy life more, and get a lot more sleep. I think any and everyone could benefit from learning how to truly
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This also ties in with time management. I have a hard time saying no to people. I have a tendency to let people kind of run over me all of the time. This gives me a lot of anxiety, which goes back to me wanting to learn how to relax. Good boundaries would make me feel more in control of my life as well as happier because I would not be getting pushed around. To help with not saying yes all of the time, I’ve been saying “Let me get back to you on that”, so that I have time to think about it. This takes off the pressure of saying no, but I am also not giving in. I also think it will help if I start setting boundaries and limits for

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