Skill Development Essay

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Skill development.
This assignment will concentrate on one psychomotor skill in which competency has been achieved, as well as reflection.
This assignment will also outline the rationale for the choice of skill and will describe the model of reflection and skill acquisition chosen, development of the process and reflection on the effect for future learning in terms of knowledge and skill acquisition. The evidence for the accomplishment of this skill has been documented within the skill Development Profile at the level of competent.
A psychomotor skill is defined by Chapelhow et al (2005) as “a term used in nursing in relation to carrying out a procedure or series of coordinated steps when performing a clinical skill.” In
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The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) (2003) defines supervision as a process to provide support and learning that will aid individuals to expand knowledge and competency. The novice stage in my training was beneficial in that it taught me to observe trained staff, asking questions for rational of any actions and to build up my confidence to diminish any fears I had.
Progression and development (supervised)
While attending clinical placement on a medicine for the elderly and a renal specialist ward I feel I was working towards advance beginner level. According to Benner (2001) advance beginners are guided by policies, procedures and rules, which is where the student starts to build a knowledge base through practice starting to gain confidence in performing simple tasks. Over time I was starting to notice the benefit of observing and participating in taking respirations with my mentor and ward colleges. I was starting to learn the importance of taking respiration for a whole minute rather than a 30 second period than doubling it, as is so common in modern practice, Stevenson (2004) supports this evidence by stating that for accuracy the rate must be measured for a full 60 second, however Tremayne and Parboteeah (2006) argues that; counting for 30 seconds and multiplying by two is long enough. However if rate and rhythm is irregular, then recount for the

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