Sixth Grade : My Most Difficult Years Of My Life Essay

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Sixth grade for was one of my most difficult years of my life so far for a few reasons. First off, sixth grade was my first year of middle school, meaning a whole new school, new school system with class schedules, lockers, multiple teachers, and having passing periods were all new concepts for me to grasp as a kid. More importantly however, the second reason sixth grade was so difficult for me was that over the summer leading to that school year, me and my family left the Catholic church that my mom’s family had been going to for about a hundred years or so, and it was a completely different environment for our entire family because we spent the entire summer up to the first week of school looking for a new church in our area, going to a new church every week and not being impressed by any of them until we came to a church called Christ Community Church in St. Charles, Il. Going through my middle school years (6th, 7th, and 8th grade), I was bullied a lot, especially in 8th grade as it transitioned from being heckled and yelled at on a daily basis, which I was more accustomed to, it progressed to a more physical approach of bullying as on a daily basis I would get kicked and punched on a daily basis and as a little kid that I was, I wasn’t able to defend myself and no one would be my friend or even stand up for me. For me, my entire week reflected around Genesis, my church’s middle school ministry, which for me was my safe haven away from everything that was happening at…

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