Essay On The Most Gag-Worthy Thing Ever Found In Food

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6 of the Most Gag-Worthy Things Ever Found in Food

Eating is supposed to be a nourishing and satisfying experience. It 's a time to sit down with friends and family to socialize, relax, and savor the experience of life. At the very least, you don 't expect something to go horribly wrong.

Think the term 'opening a can of worms ' sounds gross? That 's nothing. Check out six of the most gag-worthy things ever found in food. (And, unless you 've got a really strong stomach, don 't read this while you 're eating.)

1. The Tongue-Eating Parasite in a Can of Tuna

Imagine opening up a can of tuna to find a creature staring at you with beady black eyes? 28-year-old UK resident, Zoe Butler, doesn 't have to imagine, it happened to her. The young
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Brodsky claims to have sustained numerous personal injuries, including emotional distress; was rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled; and suffered mental anguish and anxiety."

I can 't say I blame him. Almost swallowing a gangrenous animal toe has got to be one of the most gag-worthy eating experiences in the world.

6. The Maggots in the Rice

Maggots: They 're white, slimy fly larvae most commonly associated with dead bodies and weeks-old trash rotting in a Dumpster. Apparently, they 're also quite good at disguising themselves as rice.

Maisy Dean was about to tuck into a bowl of boil-in-the-bag-rice when she made the grim discovery. Her mother, Jenny Hollinshead, told the Manchester Evening News her family had already eaten three bags of rice from the same box.

Quote From The Telegraph:

“Maisy has been checking all her food since it happened. She 's only 12 years old and she could have very easily eaten it,” she explained.

Be honest, are you really going to be able to eat white rice again without doing the same?

I live with gluten intolerance so I always double-check my food. I have to. Maybe that 's why I 've yet to scarf down a slug or gobble up a garter

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