Actively Engaged In The Recruitment Process

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So, how do you target candidates, who aren’t actively engaged in the recruitment process? Below are six effective strategies, which can help you engage with these talented employees and widen your company’s talent recruitment pool.

Strategy 1: Focus on building organic networks

As mentioned briefly above, you should focus your efforts on finding organic connections with passive job seekers. Avoid the strategy of stalking passive candidates online and instead, focus on turning talented candidates from passive to active. This means creating a work environment where employees would love to work in.

One of the greatest tactics for fostering organic relationship is ensuring your current employees are happy in the company. Employee referrals are
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If you want to study a good mobile HR strategy for targeting passive job seekers, then consider examining Sodexo. The company has used mobile-specific job apps to allow candidates to search positions. As a result, the company’s mobile app has resulted in over 100 hires and a 233% increase in visits to the mobile site.

Strategy 4: Build a strong employer brand

We’ve also briefly touched on the importance of being a good employer. It’s important to come across as a good employer and there are two different ways of doing this. First, as we’ve mentioned, you want you current employees enjoy working in the company. This is often the internal focus of building a strong brand and you need to focus on things such as work/life balance, employment benefits, health and safety, and employee satisfaction.

But you should also build your employer brand with a strong external message, both offline and online. Social media is an important part of improving your brand image. But you also want to use other online mediums such as LinkedIn. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to go where passive candidates are, such as industry-related forums and websites. Answering comments and participating in the industry conversation can be a powerful way to boost your brand and leave a lasting impact in the minds of the
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The aim is to define the job instead of focusing on defining the ideal candidate. This means the candidate has a better understanding of what is expected of them, as well as the opportunities the job can provide them.

For instance, instead of outlining the candidate needs to have good communication skills and knowledge of Windows OS, a performance profile would say: The job requires plenty of communication with customers, as you’ll need to deal with customer queries on the phone as part of your workday. You’ll also be using Microsoft OS for solving customer problems.

A big part of creating more engaging job postings also deals with understanding the passive candidate’s motivations. As mentioned above, passive job seekers often have different reasons for accepting or applying to a new position and the reasons might vary. The candidate might be interested in being closer to home, enjoying from better work benefits, or simply climbing higher on the career ladder. It is important to ensure you talk about the different benefits of your company and the position in the job posting and personalise the message when contacting candidates directly.

Strategy 6: Develop a strong relationship with a recruitment

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