Six Dimensional Comparative Analysis Of Education

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Six Dimensional Comparative Analysis For the remainder of this paper, the focus will be on the Downtown Middle School North Star Academy in Newark and the Riverside Elementary School in Princeton. For comparison purposes, I will describe and analyze these schools from six different dimensions including educational philosophy, climate and dispositions, content, delivery, assessment and evaluation, and family and community involvement.
Educational Philosophy
Similar to other charter schools within the Uncommon Schools network, the main purpose of the Downtown Middle School North Star Academy is to prepare students to enter college and successfully complete a bachelor’s degree. In order to reinforce this goal, every single classroom is named
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According to their website, their mission is to raise knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate individuals who will have a joyful and purposeful life. Riverside Elementary School believes that innovation, creativity, and risk-taking are essential conditions for children to learn. As such, the first-grade classroom that I observed functions under a flexible, relaxed, and way more independent system. For instance, there was a bathroom inside the classroom and children did not have to ask for permission to go, they could use it whenever they needed it. While this may appear as a minor detail, it is a major contrast that highlights the core difference between both schools’ philosophies: highly structured with a specific goal in mind versus highly creative with many positive …show more content…
While the teacher followed a set schedule and curriculum, her methods were a lot more plastic. The teacher used worksheets for the morning routine, during group time on the rug, she orally reviewed storytelling. Then, children grabbed their own box with books and found their favorite spot in the classroom to read independently followed by “Partner Time” where they read to each other. For story time, the teacher used the overhead projector to show Mercy Watson Fights Crime book. Then they had “Writer Workshop” where children once again worked independently writing nonfictional stories in the portfolios. After sharing some of the stories with the class, they had a short phonics lesson. Therefore, the delivery was dynamic and a combination between teacher guided instruction and independent

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