Six Day War Essay

Israel is a very amazing country, it 's the very embodiment of jewish history and their continuity. Jews have inhabited the same land , same language, and they even worship the same god as hundreds of years ago like their ancestors. When the Jews were forced to leave their country by the Romans in 70 A.D. They tried several times through history to get their country back. When the Holocaust was ended in May 8, 1945 it was still dangerous for the Jews to even return home. Germans were worried that the jewish people would come and reclaim their houses and all their belongings. On july 1946 in Kielce was the largest Anti-jewish group. Rioters killed 41 jewish people and wounded 50 more sense of they believed the rumor of Jews used German …show more content…
However Zionist military forces were much smaller but were well organized, trained, and armed. The Arab military forces ran with the thought that they would never be defeated again after what happened during the holocaust. The six day war in 1967 was one of the shortest wars ever seen. Within those days Israel captured the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt along with the West Bank. With the war israelis established themselves as the dominant regional power. The United States of America and Israel are very close allies. When Israel first became an independent country the US. recognized them as a country with a letter not even hours later. US. Allies such as Great Britain along with Italy have even took steps to try and hinder operations. The palestinians used this to their advantage on September 11, 2001, while many accused osama bin laden it was actually a greater plan he wrote the US. a letter explaining why, with that letter he said It was actually carried out by the jewish trying to harm Israel 's reputation with America. They did this because the support israel had from the US. The jewish had an aggression against the Muslims in Israel along with Lebanon and the U.S troops in Saudi Arabia. None of the arab countries trusted each other. Especially the leader of palestine, but they all wanted a piece of palestine so they fought for it in hopes that they would get it. To this day their have been many peace efforts to try and help things between israel and palestine, even remember those who fought and died. A good example of this is on Memorial Day their will be a Remembrance that is live online. Throughout the history of the palestinian israeli conflict both sides along with many other countries have tried to create peace by using agreements. January 3, 1919, Emir faisal and chaim weizmann both signed the faisal-weizmann agreement, Which would hopefully be the end of conflict

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