Situational Challenges: The Model Of Effective Leadership

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Task 2:
The model of adaptive leadership does a really good job at breaking down the different categories and expressing exactly what the mean. When the word leadership is mentioned, it is thought of as the process of mobilizing people and tackling tough challenges and thrive. The leadership model does just that by breaking situations down into Situational Challenges: Technical, technical and adaptive, and adaptive challenges.
After observing the chart, I easily detected that technical challenges are problems that occur in the workplace or around the community with solutions that provide through organizational procedures. For example, I dealt with today at work as I was trying to determine which computer server was communicating to the
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It is important that the leader continue to encourage others and support them to reach the main goal of finding the answer to problem. While some may not want to hear it, it may change their thoughts, beliefs or attitudes/behaviors towards the situation. For example, when a mother has a baby prematurely and has to leave the baby in the intensive care unit due to the premature body organs and functions. This can be a tough situation for parents, especially a mother, because she immediately has a bond with her child. It is the hospital’s duty to encourage the mother that the baby will be just fine, and that he/she will be in great hands with their staff. Although it may be hard for the parents to believe this, they eventually come to a conclusion to leave and trust the …show more content…
In any situation, people have to cope with experiencing change and differences to determine whether the challenges are either technical or adaptive. If the problems are technical, the leader takes control to address the problems with a particular set of guidelines. If the challenge is adaptive, the leader goes with the best route that they think is behavior appropriate at the time. According to the article, adaptive leadership works best, because leaders are willing to engage in different behaviors with the intent to help followers do adaptive

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