Anya Majka Case Study

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Anya Majka

Anya Majka’s low performance is a result of several factors. According to the MARS Model, Anya displays extensive abilities in performing her tasks and continuously meets the sales quota for the past three years. Additionally, Anya showcases a clear role perception and understands the tasks she needs to accomplish. Consecutively, Anya illustrates high motivation through her motivation for self-improvement. However, situational factors such as the economic conditions results in Anya failing to meet her sales quota. Anya cannot control the downturn in the economy, regardless of the fact that she is exceedingly motivated with high abilities and a has a clear role perception. Due to the poor economic conditions, Anya performs poorly
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In terms of the MARS Model, Michael showcases low motivation. He believes that regardless of the amount of effort he ingrains in his job, he will not be sufficiently rewarded. As a result of this belief, he lacks in motivation to perform well. Additionally, Michael displays poor ability regarding his position. His customer satisfaction reports are the lowest in the company and he countlessly makes errors in his sales orders. He lacks in communication and interpersonal skills and does not listen to the customer’s needs as well as gives weak presentations. As a result of his low abilities, this correlates to his feeble performance at work. Moreover, Michael does not have clear role reception as he does not understand the preferred behaviours and the performance expectations. In other words, Michael does not understand he is accountable for his poor work performance and believes other people are successful in his company solely due to their connections. Subsequently, the situational factor of the change in company commission structure may potentially influence Michael’s poor performance as he needs to sell twice the number of

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