Sir Thomas Malory Essay: Reality Vs. Myth

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Reality vs. Myth
Sir Thomas Malory was influenced by the knights in his time to write Arthur becomes King. Sir Malory was born in Warwickshire, England, sometime around 1405. As a young man, Malory was a fairly wealthy landowner. He became a knight in 1442 and served in Parliament in 1445. He became involved in crime and allied himself politically with people and groups who opposed the royal government. He spent several years in prison for his crimes and political alle-giances while in prison Malory wrote Arthur becomes King. THESIS STATEMENT?
Knights are warriors who fought on horseback, in return for land, they pledged them-selves as vassals to the king. Knights were not simply fighting men. They helped kings and lords manage their kingdoms and often organized large areas of land. People
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Look into the history and how Arthur becomes king to see how a heroic night was sup-posed to behave. The brave knights fighting for Arthurs ideas and leadership is heroic and hon-orable, but not all men’s nature let them live by the code of chivalry.
In history, Sir Henry Percy 1364-1403, nicknamed Hotspur for his temper was knighted by King Edward the third as a 14year old boy. In the mid-1380s, he accompanied the king Rich-ard second on his expedition to Scotland where he proved his military skills He was then sent to France, where his reputation continued to grow, but after his family came into conflict against the King of England and took up arms. In 1403, he was defeated and killed by the royal forces in the battle of Shrewsbury

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