Sir Robert Peel's Nine Principles Of Law Enforcement Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… When comparing all nine principles to today’s law enforcement operations it is remarkable that every principle applies to the support of the public safety and security even after 187 years. (Williams 2003) In California, the most striking policy that converted private security from an unregulated and unprofessional business to regulated and professional organizations is the Section 7583.6 (Security Guard Guide) of the California business and professional code. (Dept of California Consumer Affairs 2006) By developing this code, California made a commitment of making all private security companies follow a specific guideline to conduct business in the state. This commitment to standardization and professionalism also benefited the relationship that law enforcement has with private security. Though Section 7583.6 of the California business and professional code will never be mentioned in the same breath with Sir Robert Peel’s nine principles it can be seen as a historical moment in California by setting a standard in private security for the rest of the nation to …show more content…
Private security organizations have a responsibility to their customers to develop a security plan to ensure that their customers are safe and security before, during, and after a critical incident occurs. Law enforcement also has a responsibility in developing a security plan by identifying possible threats to the community and mitigating these threats through training and rehearsals. The critical aspect of developing comprehensive security plans is the linkage of private security, local law enforcement and community fire and rescue in synchronizing each security plan so they mutually can support each other. It was evident during the 9/11 attack and the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that all security and law enforcement professionals had a role and responsibility in supporting the safety of the public. Each have a specific role during an emergency, but all have interconnected rolls in the protection of private and property and the safety of the citizens in their care.

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