Essay about Sir Gawain And The Medieval Chivalry

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In comparison to Sir Gawain and the which is a celebration of medieval chivalry knight, Lanval by Marie de France is a critique of the medieval chivalry. Even though at timed Lanval shows acts that should be praised by the chivalry system, most of the story relies on mocking this system. In Lanval we see more of a mockery towards the chivalry system. One of the biggest factors that led me to conclude this was that this poem was written by a woman. Marie de France was not just any women, but she was someone who seem to oppose the oppression of men. She wouldn’t allow men to try to take credit for her work, so she would put her name on all of her work. In addition, she also wanted to receive the recognition she deserved. Knowing this of her, gives one a different perspective of her poems. It leads me to believe that even though there were aspects of knights that were courteous, there were other thing that were not true. For example, the fact that Lanval is being tried in court because he told Genevieve that his mistress was more beautiful than her. This shows that the chivalry system wasn’t such a courteous system. On the contrary it shows an artificial side to it. This allows us to believe that they all may have seen as humble and kind towards woman, but in reality they were all just concern with the beauty of women. As a women Marie de France must have noticed this flaw in the chivalry system, so she decided to write about this in a way that wasn’t so obvious that people…

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