Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay

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“Sir Gawain And The Green Knight”

The failure Gawain believes he has made is the deterioration of his integrity.
When Sir Gawain is repeatedly seduced by Lady Bertilak, Gawain feels the honesty of who he holds himself to be, that is a honest and truthful knight of king Arthur’s court. Is slowly being compromised. The three seductions by Lady Bertilak are what affect Sir Gawain and direct his thoughts in a dramatic and negative way. This direction of Gawain’s thoughts evoke feelings, which is what Gawain comes to know as failure. The pentagle, a symbol that represents truth is a symbol that Gawain is proud to display on the outside of his shield, seems only to be replaced with a reminder of his own private failures, as displayed by the green girdle he now dons.

Sir Gawain’s beliefs of his failure begin with the first attempt of seduction by lady Bertilak.
“Conning in his conscience what his case might Mean or amount to-a marvel he thought it”.(1196-97) Gawain knows that Lady Bertilak entering his room before anything transpires or is said, is wrong and this fact alone is already weighing on Gawain’s conscience. Gawain seemingly starting to posses the guilt from the seduction is recognized when Gawain will not disclose to King Bertilak where he aquired such a gift as the kiss he gave to king Bertilak when he was asked. “would you but say Where you won this same award ,by your wits alone.” “That was not part of the pact; press me no further” (1193-95).

When the second…

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