Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay

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The literature piece of Sir Gawain and The Green Knight revolves around medieval knights with their chivalric values as well as their romantic ideologies of courtly love. The era in which this story took place was in a male-dominated culture, where the men were supposed to be brave, honorable and loyal on an everyday basis. The women of this era were subordinate and therefore followed and served these same men. Although the women were to serve the superior man they would also use their womanly charm to dominate them back to do what they wanted. If the knights were courting a lady, they were supposed to treat her respectfully and follow her commands as she wished. Sir Gawain without his knowledge was being tested for his chivalry throughout the whole story by the Green Knight. In addition, Sir Gawain realizes he comes into a conflicted position when he finds himself needing to find a balance between the two different customs, by being a chivalric knight as well as being a respectful gentleman to his courted Lady. The two customs seem to be similar in a way that they are both held to high sets of strict values to follow, but essentially in this story it can be seen how the two customs seem to come into conflict with each other when trying to be implemented at the same time.
Chivalry was an immense part of the fourteenth century and it was embodied throughout the men of King Arthur’s round table. First off Chivalry was a set of religious values and moral goals that…

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