Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Essay

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In this focus on a short excerpt of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight which is a tale about Gawain encountering challenges he must face and overcome. A challenge is placed before the round table where Gawain is granted one free swing to kill the Green Knight and if unsuccessful, must seek out to receive the exact same a year from the current day. Following this encounter, as Gawain is in search of the Knight he owes, he stumbles upon a castle with a most generous lord and lady where a deal is made between lord and Sir Gawain where they each must gift their earnings that day to the other. The lord sends his wife to tempt Gawain each night and Gawain maintains his knightly vows for two nights, only granting a kiss to the lady each night, until the third night appears and an offer by the lady to save his life with a gift of a girdle is made. We are introduced to the real element of the story here where the focus is on Gawain’s stainlessness and how as a knight he constantly comes into contact with difficulties which can prevent him from staying true to his duty. This tale, the trials of Gawain by the lord and lady and his inability to stray from falling into temptation, is an example of the inhuman social demands placed on knights to do their duties and the forces that try to indeed corrupt the values of chivalry which knights try to follow and in turn humanizes them.
The beginning of this section starts immediately with the introduction of Gawain’s mistake because up until…

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