Essay on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 's Adventure Of The Speckled Band

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Adventure of the Speckled Band” is the average Sherlock Holmes story. The protagonists- Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson – take on a seemingly mystical case offered to them by Helen Stoner- sister of the late Julia. Helen fears that Dr.Roylott – her abusive step-father- was responsible for Julia’s death and was targeting Helen next. Helen traveled personally to Sherlock’s residence to present the case to Sherlock. In this story, the case happened in 1883’s Stoke Moran, England. After Helen narrated Julia’s demise, Sherlock’s brilliant mind started its deductive work. What is the “speckled band”- the phrase that Julia cried out right before her demise? Who is responsible for Julia’s death? Before Sherlock and Watson could prepare for their departure to Stoke Moran, Dr. Roylott barged into Baker Street-the residence of Sherlock. Dr. Roylott had aggressively threatened Sherlock, Sherlock replied with a calm and cold face. Dr.Watson, brave and loyal to Sherlock as ever, stood beside Sherlock in the face of the blaze and bluster of Dr.Roylott. The rude doctor left Baker Street; he had achieved enmity with Sherlock on top of his conflicts with Helen and the rest of society. Sherlock then suspected Dr.Roylott of Julia’s murder; Dr. Roylott could have a motive: greed. This was supported by the fact that Julia’s mother left behind money that had been evenly split up between Helen, Julia, and Grimsby Roylott upon the marriage of the two girls. After the death…

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