Sioux Tribe Weapons

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The Sioux Tribe’s Weapons
The Sioux Tribe used many different materials to create their own weapons. Their weapons were used for different purposes, such as hunting and fighting. Some weapons include bows, arrows, and spears. One of the mostly used weapons in the Sioux Tribe is a double curved bow, which was used for fighting and hunting. This Sioux bow is double curved and has red flannel at the handle and at the curves in the limbs.These bows were prepared according to the length of each archer. “The measurement was done by measuring according to the archers left arm which is stretched outward parallel with the ground. The bows length measures from the left center finger to the right outside hip at the joint.” ( Unlike other
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The arrows they used were mostly made of wood. “Sioux arrows were measured from the tip of the center finger to elbow on the right arm and wrist to the point where the hand joins the center finger. These were all combined to give the arrow its overall length. Sioux Indians used stone, bone, and sinew arrowheads to make their Sioux arrows. However, they also used steel as soon as they were able to trade for it. Sioux Arrows are approximately 24 to 27 inches in length. They are banded with reds and blues stripes. They are made from Osier and sinew as well.” ( A rarely used Sioux weapon, the spear (or lance) was mainly used to hunt buffalo. Many Sioux hunters used spears for hunting, and were “decorated with buffalo fur, feathers, and beads.” ( This weapon made it easier for the Sioux to hunt and kill buffalo without getting to close to it. These spears, or lances, would be five feet long and have a steel blade.” ( “During the Battle of Little Big Horn” (Native Americans of the West), the Sioux weapons of choice were also the lance which could be used from horseback and “could pierce a body, or several bodies, clear through.” ( As you can see, the Sioux Tribe used spears, bows, and arrows. These weapons were used for hunting and fighting, and they used different natural materials to create

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