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Sinosteel Strengthens Business Management with ERP Applications

1. What is the business of Sinosteel, what are its major challenges, and how would an ERP system address the challenges they face? 2. Why did Sinosteel pursue the development of an ERP system? What were the objectives? What challenges (risks) does ERP address for Sinosteel? [The CEO is difficult to understand on some of the objectives, but later in the video an IT manager is more clear and reflects the CEO’s position almost exactly. You will need to listen carefully]. 3. What factors were important in the choice of Oracle? 4. How did business processes change in order to implement this ERP system? 5. What do you think some of the implementation issues
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The ERP system effectively helped prevent many different types of potential information risks. It was also developed to deliver business insight, adaptive industry processes, and a superior ownership experience. The Oracle applications enabled efficient management of all of the core business functions. The ERP allowed for more information sharing and dramatically improving management efficiency.

3. Efficient supply chain management was crucial. The company needed to have a free flow of information. The Oracle SCM software helped create and manage this. Also, human resource management saw benefits for getting standardized procedures, standards and policies using HRMS. Now, employee’s personal and financial information are connected efficiently. The deployment of the Oracle ERP system is a major milestone in Sinosteel’s pursuit in business efficiency and sustainable development. Oracle software is easy to administer and maintain and delivered multiple benefits and established a centralized platform.

4. Sinosteel's global footprint is a product of its effective ability to acquire smaller operations. With the acquisitions of these different companies, Sinosteel was faced with the challenge of ensuring efficient communication between all departments of its organization. In order to achieve this daunting task, Sinosteel chose to implement Oracle's Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) system. Prior to replacing their outdated

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