Sinners In The Hand Of An Angry God Analysis

Sinners In The Hand of an Angry god

“Sinners In The Hand of an Angry” god by jonathan edwards is about how men should have faith in god and fear him. having faith in god is really important because if you dont you will have a miserable life. if you follow god 's path you will be saved from hell. In the story the author is saying that people who have sinned can be forgiven if they repent to god and if they don 't they will be punished in hell. when someone repents to god they will feel sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin and rethink about it. in the following paragraphs that i am about to write will include 2 quotes and talk about how men should have faith in god.

In this world god created men to worship him and not get
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god is very merciful to his servants. god loves people who repents after sinning to stay away from god 's wrath. he gave us the gift of living and our existence to live a better life. not to ruin it and make fool of ourselves to lead us astray. god is merciful to all his creation even if they are the worst sinners. god’s mercy is when he’s believers sin and forgives them instead of punishing them. his compassion and forgiveness for us are extended by his mercy and love. in isaiah 66:33 he says “ and it shall come to pass that from a new moon to another and one sabbath to another shall all flesh come to worship before me”. we are all sinners and do not meet the standards of righteousness that god intended us to have. the standards of righteousness is the 10 commandments which are, do not take the name of of your lord in vain, remember sabbath day, honor your mom and dad, nor murdering or adultery and …show more content…
god sent down revelation to tell mankind what 's wrong and what 's right. it was also meant for a guidance in everyday living. for example, if you take something that wasn 't yours to keep the other person will be worried and confused and thats a sin. so you have to go back to the words of god and ask for a forgiveness. god also sent down prophets to convey the message of god and to teach the people the way of life. prophets are role models of holiness, character, and closeness of god. prophets can warn the of what’s wrong and what’s right. also, they warn the people to stay away from the wrath of god. some major prophets that are in the bible are jeremiah, hosea, jonah and malachi. if you chose to not have faith in god you will be lost and face a lot of problems. the problems can be depression, accident, medical problems and etc. if you have faith in god you will have hope and will have a successful

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