Singtel Essay

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Topic: The Past, the Present and Possible Future of SingTel


SingTel is a recognized and successful telecommunication corporation in Asia. This essay will illustrate the past, present and possible future of SingTel and the transformation SingTel had made throughout the years. In addition, it will include the identification of changes SingTel has made and also the demonstration on how SingTel deal with these changes through change management lenses.

Company Overview

Singapore Telecommunications also known as SingTel Group is a well-known and leading communications group in Asia with a ‘range of communication services and solutions such as fixed, mobile, data, internet, info-communications technology, satellite and
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Institutional perspective is defined as ‘a view of change that considers the shaping force to be the pressure from the industrial environment, including social, government, legal, cultural or other pressures, to encourage organizations to conform to common standards’ (Graetz et al. 2011, pp. 41).
According to institutional perspective, organizations change is influence by the external forces which lead them to take certain form and companies must accommodate to the institutional expectation in order to survive (Graetz et al. 2011). Hence, to react to the change and compensate for the decline of its market shares, SingTel must change its strategy to become more customer-centric and differentiate its services against its competitors through the introducing new value-added services for its mobile operations and consumers (Haracleous & Singh 2005).

Resource Perspective
Besides liberalization, Singapore is increasingly faced with saturation in the markets. SingTel realized the needs to change and restructure its strategy by regionalizing and investing foreign countries in the future to expand as a competitive enterprise (Haracleous & Singh 2005).
Despite having significant investment in Europe in the 1980s, SingTel turned its focus on potential telecom companies in Asia. SingTel proceeded with its intended strategy of

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