Essay on Single Sex Schools Should Not Be Banned

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Single sex schools should not be banned Do you want your children study in single sex schools? Single sex schools are the schools that have all same gender students. There are many very famous single sex schools in America like Wellesley College, Smith College, and Mount Holyoke College, which are recorded in the long history of excellence in the education sector. Many people love single sex schools because they think they can get better education than study in a coeducation environment (Sax, 2011; Sommers, 2011). Nevertheless, some support means that some others are not supporting single sex schools. According to the article “Single-Sex Schools: Separate but Equal?” (2011), readers can know that a report in “Science” magazine shows …show more content…
Sax (2011) also believe that, “Parents should have the right to choose among single-sex and coed formats, even if they cannot afford to pay private school fees” (n.p.). Single sex schools can be the liberators for the poor families, if poor families want their children have a professional academic education. People are still doing the research about the benefits and disadvantages of single sex schools. If there is a day that people can say that single sex schools are bad for society affirmatively, single sex schools will be banned. Otherwise, people should not ban single sex schools because they are providing the good option to many families. In conclusion, single sex schools should not be banned because parents need more options for choosing schools. It is not wrong that many opponents believe single sex schools should be banned because they inflate gender stereotyping. Single sex schools separate males and females to different schools, which may make that each gender cannot understand and know another (Sommers, 2011). Males and females may be not able to work together to show their respect to each other. Opponents think single sex schools are the ways to back away the different gender, which “would likely generate and exacerbate stereotyping and sexist attitudes” (Fabes, n.p.). However, in the article “A Necessary Option” by Sommers (2011), she states that single sex schools are totally different with racial segregation. Racial segregation is “mandatory

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