Single Sex Schools And Classrooms Essay

1226 Words Mar 13th, 2016 null Page
Education is important. Some value it more than others, that is why some adults take extreme measures in order to provide their children with the best education, to receive such important thing. In the past same-sex schools began before the 19th century mainly because of cultural views, although it has now expanded and many people have been enrolled into these schools or classes as personal preference. “In the mid 1990’s, there were only two public schools in the United States that offered single-sex classrooms; today there are more than 500. Recently, however, there has been a push to offer single-sex classrooms in the American public school system (Palmisano).” Single-sex schools and classrooms should be removed as an option from society because it increases gender stereotyping, takes away life experience, and restrains the students from growing. By having to attend single-sex schools these children are being restricted from interacting with others on the same level as most other people do. "These schools are teaching stereotypes, stereotypes which translate to harmful assumptions, discrimination and sometimes violence (Sophie)." Also knowing that, children might be left confused and only to wonder why it is they are not doing the same as the rest of the world. Of courses it is easy for parents to give an explanation to their children, but only to be altered into a way that will try to make them understand and think it is okay for what they are doing. Unfortunately, no…

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