Single Sex Education For Female Children Essay

1066 Words May 13th, 2015 5 Pages
Contrary to popular belief, single-sex education enables female children’s ability to succeed academically and function in the real world. In fact, it allows girls to find themselves without the stereotypical gender roles found in co-ed schools and increases their communication, leadership, and confidence with a curriculum emphasizing women 's achievements and capability. Although, the perpetuation of this belief still happens on a daily basis. In the article The Disadvantages of Single Gender Education Schools, by Chris Blake, an “expert” preaches this wide held false view that children should have “exposure to the opposite sex, [to build] meaningful friendships and successful romantic relationships”(1), which supposedly will allow them to communicate effectively with other individuals and develop their own voice in those bonds. Putting aside the utter irony that this “expert” and many others have never worked with children schooled in single-sex institutions or never have actually attended one themselves, this separation is actually extremely beneficial to young women. In traditional middle school, young women often lose their voices and identities due to “tremendous pressure from society and the media to adhere to a feminine role”(1) says female psychologist Deborah Cihonski in the article How can we help Young Girls Stay Assertive, by Gwen Moran. They feel peer-pressure to fit the feminine stereotype enforced by traditional schooling. In addition, they shy away from…

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