Essay on Single Parenting : Single Parent

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Everyone has a family rather it be with your biological relatives or long-time friends. A lot of people have been raised in different types of households rather it be with a grandparent or a foster parent. Everyone has their own individual story of their particular support system. In most cases, people have been raised with both parents which is ideally in this society. As years gone by, a lot of changes has occurred within raising a family whether it be getting raised by a LGBT couple or being raised by a sibling. The most common change that as occurred is single-parenting. A lot of children are being raised by either just their mother or father. In most cases, the mother is the single parent. Being a single parent can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. In this essay, I will explain the ups and downs that comes with being a single-parent. Being that having both parents in a child’s life is said to be most beneficial, single-parenting can be looked at in a negative way. When couples become parents, the first thing on their minds should be on how they will get through parenting together. Most parents will never choose to parent alone unless it was necessary. According to Zartler (2014), single-parenting has been a strongly pronounced trend in family behavior. Many families are single-parenting households. There is actually a lot of reasons that can cause a household to become a single-parenting household. The most common reason is divorce. Most marriages just does…

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