Essay about Single Parent Families Are Considered Non Traditional

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Single-parent families are considered non-traditional yet they have always actually been the norm because of the high mortality rates in the beginning of the
19th century, 10 years before the oldest child was ready to leave home. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that children begin to experience their parents divorce before they left their teen years as opposed to it being because on of their parents died.
Step families, something that is considered non traditional has actually been the norm. The author actually says that it is the most traditional form of family and that the issues that step families used to face in the past were worse then the ones seen today. In the past, issues that arose were based on wealth and property while the one stepfamilies face today are based on assimilation and love. 2) Divorce is not new; there have been in fact many high rates of divorce in the past. The rates have been just had high as they are today. The author references divorce rates in the 20th century in Malaysia and Indonesia. Coontz adds that in many Hungarian families, the Shoshoni Indians women would pursue divorce by simply placing her husbands belongings outside of the dwelling. In Japan, for a man to get a divorce he just had to write a letter of three and half lines while a woman had to complete a two-year temple service. Christianity is the first religion

2 to prohibit divorce, but one could still get divorced. Some of the ways they would get divorced is by claiming they were…

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