Single Parent Effects On Children Essay

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Single Parent Effects on Children
The steady uproar of a child ran throughout the hallway as Tanya’s daughter, Rose, fell beside her and gazed curiously up at her mother. Tanya could tell that something was bugging her darling child, so she didn’t hesitate to ask her what was wrong.
Rose speaking a choppy yet understandable tone began to explain. “Mommy, I-I don’t understand... If Tommy has two parents and so does Carly, then why don’t I?” Tanya, shocked by the words creeping through Rose’s curious mouth, began to cry. “Mommy, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing dear,” she sputtered back at Rose. Tanya took a few minutes to gather herself but then stated boldly at Rose, “You don’t have two parents because your Daddy left before you were born.
Single-parent households are a common scenario for many children and young women throughout America today. The setting is becoming more and more acceptable as the years go by. Many children are growing up fatherless or motherless while society pushes the concept to the side. What are the real consequences to this cultural alteration? Single-parent households affect children academically, economically, and emotionally.
Single-parenting households affect children when they are developing academically. Adolescent years are a necessity for proper educational growth. If a component in an adolescent 's life is altered, this may affect them on an academic level. Marie Kunz, an Atlanta-Journal Constitution writer explains this throughout her studies on…

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