Single Fathers Do Not Impact Their Children 's Lives Essay

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To begin, single fathers do not impact their children in a positive way, because they still feel that they should be the breadwinners and the man of the house. This first stereotype has been proven false, there are two articles that I have found to enlighten people on what roles the fathers do play into their children’s lives. The first article Where are the fathers? States that the number of single parenting households has tripled since the 1960’s. In the 1970’s the article talks about hos fathers were not considered the buffoons or televised as bumbling idiot compared to the present. Fathers used to be more respected, the article talks about how for young boys especially a father is needed so he can tame the children and that robbing a young man from the blessing of their father is a crime (Goble & Gere, 2015). The other article found that gives reasoning for the stereotype to be false is A Fathers Importance of Children. First, the article says that, children whose fathers participate relatively more in the emotional side of parenting (e.g., comforting) have higher self-esteem than children whose fathers are less involved. It is not appropriate to say "emotions are only for and from mom and action and activity only for and from dad." Also, Fathers can help their children develop a sense of competence, security, and self-control. The problem that this article exposes is that society wants the mother to raise the children as the article also say "Women raise children,…

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